Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Australian Trucking Companies

Australia is obviously a large country, in fact, you could fit 32 United Kingdoms into Australia alone. Being such a vast continent, the importance of transporting goods from one place to another – from Melbourne to Bendigo, or Adelaide to Perth – is extremely important and makes up a large part of our economy. 

If you think about all the things that fill your home, you can be sure that most of it is likely delivered there by truck. For example, think of the groceries in your fridge, if not directly ordered from a truck (which many people do now with the ease of supermarket deliveries these days), a truck took that to the grocery store, and another truck delivered it from a farm. Without Australian trucking companies, we wouldn’t be able to function much as a society. So what is there to it then?

How big is the truck industry?

The trucking industry employs 246,000 people Australia wide and there are over 500,000 trucks on our roads. That is an enormous amount of trucks on our roads, delivering all kinds of goods across the expanse of Australia. You might be familiar with some of the easily recognizable companies like Linfox and Toll Group – but there are actually around 41,000 trucking companies in Australia – many of who are owner drivers and small businesses. 

Is it growing?

It sure is, the trucking industry is expected to have a 60.2 billion income from 2020 to 2028. There is also expected to be a growth of another 20,000 employees in that time too, meaning more people working and contributing towards the economy.

So who should you use for a trucking company?

As it is such a large industry, it can be daunting to choose a trucking company to work with for your business or personal reasons. DSE Transport freight company in Australia is one of the top companies to choose from. They have a huge fleet of trucks in different sizes and have been in business for 30 years now. They also have an easy online operating system where you can figure out all your logistics yourself, or hire an expert to do it for. They even have a brand new website to celebrate running for 30 years: 


Without the trucking industry, Australia wouldn’t be able to function. From the things we need to live like groceries to general goods, specialised equipment and more – Australia trucking companies keep our society running and is worth investing your time and money in.

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