Tyre types explained: What are the different types of tyres for?

Like an engine, tyres are an integral part of your vehicle which not only connect the vehicle to the road but also help support the weight of the vehicle.

The tyres when chosen with care, adjusted and aligned properly, and fitted correctly with optimum inflation; are bound to give you the best value for your money in terms of efficient performance, safety, and value-added integrity to the vehicle.

Tyres being one of the most important components of your car are not only meant for your safe and comfortable driving but also for the safety of your vehicle. Accordingly, you must never compromise on the quality and integrity of the car for saving some amount.

Types of tyres generally used in Australia

As a principle, car manufacturers generally use the best of the tyres available and suitable for different cars as per their specifications. When you buy a new car, you may not have to replace tyres so soon but eventually, a stage comes that warrants replacement of old worn out or damaged tyres.

Car owners often feel under stress or in dilemma as to which tyre should they choose to replace the old ones.

However, here are the common types of tyres Sydney that you may use for:

  • Small cars
  • SUVs
  • Sports/Racecars
  • High-performance tyres
  • Light trucks or Commercial vans
  • Agriculture vehicles

When it comes to the types of tyres for cars, the three categories of tyres in Sydney are:

  • All-terrain car tyres – also known as off-road car tyres, are ideal for professional driving and are meant for jobs requiring driving on unsealed roads. These tyres can potentiate the load-carrying capacity of cars. By virtue of deep tread design, these tyres offer stronger road grip and steady driving, especially on rocky and muddy roads. These ‘all purpose’ tyres are strong enough to withstand Australian winters and summers with ease.
  • Performance car tyres – are basically meant for sports and high-speed driving. These tyres are designed to ensure better handling, response as well as the traction that can enhance skills for racing or performance driving through impeccable grip on sealed road surfaces. These are perfect for long comfortable driving.
  • All-season car tyres – one can find on almost all Australian cars and are fitted as per manufacturers’ standards. These are considered as ‘all-weather tyres’ which can perform equally well in all weathers in Australia without needing to change between different weathers. Owing to advanced technology, these tyres are the most fuel-efficient and quite safe during driving on Australian roads that may be smooth, rough, rocky, or muddy.

Besides the above, SUV tyres need to be mentioned separately as most car manufacturers are producing various models almost every year. SUVs are available in the market as 4×4 wheel drive and are taller as well as heavier than other four-wheelers like hatchbacks and sedans. These tyres are extra rigid so as to produce the best off-road performance with better stability assured handling and efficient braking in all road conditions and weathers.

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