Top 5 Tricks to Avoid Buying a Lemon Car

Buying a car can be an excellent way to save money or own a car when you don’t have much money to buy a brand-new one. However, this excitement can turn into something else like frustration if your used car is a lemon. A lemon car is sold without the dealer disclosing its defects or damages. Buying a lemon means you spend more money on costly repairs, and the vehicle may be unsafe to drive. At other times, the damage may be irreparable. Here are tricks to consider when buying a used car.

  • Get a Report of the Vehicle’s History

You must know that if you are in Pennsylvania, you are protected under the Pennsylvania lemon law in case you buy a defective car. However, it is crucial to avoid it by asking about the car’s history. You can access the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to find the vehicle’s information. Look at the past, and if it looks good, buy the report before you buy the car.

  • Ask for Car Details

Another crucial thing you should do is to find more details about the car. This is prudent, especially if you are making a big purchase. So, ask the dealer to provide documented information about the vehicle. The documentation should contain warranty details, existing coverage, and any details about the defects. You should negotiate with the dealer about the repairs if there are defects.

  • Inspect the Interior and Exterior

It is also advisable to get a professional to inspect the interior and exterior of the vehicle before any transaction. Check the dashboard, floorboards, ceiling, and upholstery. Check also for cracks and stains on seats. The point is to ensure everything in the interior is in good condition. Ensure you also inspect the exterior for any damages. Look at the body for scratches, dings, and dents. You should also check for paint issues and rust spots. It is also advisable to check the condition of the tires.

  • Read Reviews

Once you find the used car you want to buy, it will be good to check dealership reviews. Know what other people have to say about the dealership and the experience they have had. What do other customers feel about the vehicles they bought from the dealer? Do their cars have more undisclosed issues? You don’t wish to buy a used car from a dealer with more problems than solutions.

  • Consider a Test Drive

Another trick to avoid buying a lemon is taking the car for a test drive. Many issues may only be noticeable if you drive the vehicle. So, check how it functions from when you ignite it to stop. Listen to noises, check the lights and the steering, and test all amenities like the heater, air conditioner, turn signals, radio, windows, headlights, etc. Check also other things like speed, braking, parking, and turning.


These are five tips that will help you when buying a used car. Buying a lemon can be a massive loss since you will spend more than you planned on repairs. Furthermore, a lemon may have extensive, unrepairable damage and could put you at risk when driving.

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