The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Campervan: Tips and Tricks

Buying a campervan can easily be one of the most exciting purchases of your life. There is a promise of adventure and a future filled with daring escapades that are only possible in a campervan. For those who are new to the market, it helps to have a buyer’s guide with tips for buying the right campervan for you.

            Whether you are buying a motorhome from a private seller, a campervan from a dealer or a coach-built motorhome from the factory, use this guide to buying as a map to help you get the home on wheels you need.

Tip #1: Ask Questions!

Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Campervan

  1. What is Your Budget?

It is never a good idea to go shopping for a large ticket item without having a firm price decided upon. Buying any vehicle, especially if you get to test drive it, becomes an emotional purchase and can quickly spiral out of control if you don’t have a defined budget. It also helps you to know where to start looking.

  1. How Do You Plan on Using the Van?

Autocraft Motor Caravans, a campervan sales company said “Are you using this campervan for the odd weekend out or are you planning on doing longer, week-long (or even longer) trips?” This will determine the features you need, such as water tank size, storage space, battery capacity, sleeping arrangements, etc.

  1. Has It Been Properly Serviced?

Check everything and ask for the service history, ideally with the receipts and records. Go through all the moving parts, like the pop top, the door locks, windows and doors, and any other moving parts that may be damaged due to wear and tear.

  1. What Type of License Do You Need?

Some motorhomes and campervans are too large to drive with a regular license. Be sure that you have the proper driving license to operate the campervan you are considering buying. If you do not but still want to buy the vehicle, investigate what type of driving testing needs to be done before you can legally drive it and see if it still seems worth it.

  1. Is the Deal Too Good to Be True?

Buying private can have its challenges. Some inventive scammers have begun advertising campervans for an amazing price, taking a deposit from interested buyers and disappearing. If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. However, there are still great deals out there so be cautious, don’t give money up front and trust your gut!

Tip #2: Be Thorough!

            Leave no stone unturned. Ask every question you can think of, take the vehicles for a test drive and be willing to walk away. Campervans are large purchases, and you should feel confident about where you are spending your money. Use the internet to look up forums about the model you are considering, be willing to learn about the vehicle and make sure that when the time comes to buy, you know you are making the right decision.

Tip #3: Shop Around!

            There are campervans for sale in many places and through multiple different means (private, dealer or made-to-order) which means you do not have to settle. Make sure to shop around, talking to as many different sellers as you can so that you have an idea of the value and the selection available to you.

Tip #4: Know Your Additional Costs

            It is worth checking, as a first-time campervan buyer, the additional costs that come with operating a campervan. How much gas does it take? Is it expensive if you must stay overnight in a car park? How often does it need to be serviced? How much should you have set aside for repairs and emergencies? These additional costs can turn an exciting adventure into a stressful nightmare if you haven’t taken them into account so be prepared!

Top Tips for Buying a Campervan

            Always remember that you are in control of the process, and you do not need to be pressured into buying anything! As long as you are thorough, ask the right questions, be willing to shop around and take into account your additional costs, you will feel confident about your campervan purchase. Happy campervan hunting!

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