Review Of The Used Acura At ALM Cars

Finding the right car means more than choosing the best-looking vehicle at the dealership. Your next ride should be efficient, safe, and most importantly, reliable. Honda’s sister brand, Acura, is highly reputable for its reliability ratings and car performances. Acura such as the 2021 TLX was ranked #5 in Luxury Midsize Cars for having a score of 8.1 out of 10. The TLX also is made with either a four-cylinder that is very fuel-efficient or a less powerful V-6. The four-cylinder was tested and ranked 23 MPG for the city and 33 for the highway.

If you are in the market for a newer Acura, consider going the used route with ALM cars. We sell certified pre-owned Acuras both cars and SUVs. Since Acuras is known to be Honda’s luxury brand, every Acura on our lot features excellent interiors. Some of our Acuras have keyless entry systems, sunroofs, heated seats, backup cameras, Apple Car Play, and more. Acura models RDX and MDX are among the popular choices for this brand, which we feature on our lot, and comes with bonus features such as third-row seating and higher seating. The RDX and MDX are more sporty compared to the Acura cars, which gives them a more “modern” look.

ALM’s inventory also carries the Acura TLX previously mentioned. While the TLX has excellent quality performance, the interior might not be as up to par, but do not let that stop you from choosing such a reliable vehicle. The TLX’s on ALM’s lot comes with two touch screen devices and keyless entry. The certified preowned Acuras on ALM’s lot all come with relatively low mileage. Since Acuras are proven to be heavily reliable, Acura drivers can reach the 100,000-mile mark without any big issues.

So if you are already exploring for a used Acura then look no further. Visit Atlanta Luxury Motors, the best used car dealership in Atlanta to find your ideal Acura today.

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