Is A Car Detailing Service Enough To Clean Mold in Your Car? 

Cars are one of the most common spaces to find mold. And unfortunately, it’s something that can creep up on you. After all, if you use your car to rush from one place to another, you’re unlikely to be carefully checking the interior, especially if you’re a busy person on the go (and who isn’t these days?). So, let us look into a mold in the car and what you can do to fix it.  

Mold & Cars

Mold loves damp and warm closed-off environments, and this is why it loves cars. You could have accidentally spilled water in your car and then stored it for a day or two in the garage while it rained outside, and that will cause mold. It’s that easy.  

Mold is Bad For You

Mold isn’t just an aesthetic issue in your car, the spores can spread through the entirety of your car via the A/C system, and then go on to cause incredible health issues. These issues include allergic reactions, respiratory issues and cold-like symptoms.  

Keep An Eye Out

Knowing the signs of mold is one of the first steps to actually fighting it. Often you will see white or black flecks in your car’s upholstery, this can be on floor mats, seats and more. If you smell something damp that doesn’t seem to go away, mold could be the reason.  

Can Car Detail Manage Mold?

Although you may think it does, due to the deep cleaning offered by car detailing, you would be wrong. Mold may be cleaned by the car detailing company, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. Often mold will come back, so it’s better to choose a mold remediation company to offer you affordable car mold removal, not just an interior cleaning.  

The mold remediation company can also tell you how to prevent mold in the future, while they sanitize your car.  

How To Prevent Mold in The Future

Even after you call the mold company to clean out your car, mold can still come back years later, and this is mostly because your lifestyle may be accelerating the likelihood of mold growth. Here are some small things you can do to prevent more issues from arising in your car.  

Manage Condensation: This one is important, try not to allow for leaks or broken seals in your car windows or doors. This allows moisture to enter your car and this can then lead to condensation which allows mold to grow.  

Clean Your Car Often: We get it, life’s busy, so cleaning out your car isn’t going to be very high up on your list.  But it’s important to keep spores out of your car. All you have to do is vacuum and disinfect as often as you can.  

Don’t Eat In The Car: It’s tempting to have your lunch in the car during your break, and this isn’t a bad idea, but make sure to clean up if there’s a spill and dry out any water or liquid spills as soon as possible.  

If you want to combat mold in your car reach out to Flood Pro’s USA for the highest quality car mold remediation on the market.

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