How To Land a Dream Job in Auto Engineering?

Browsing the career landscape for a potential dream job? If you love cars and machinery, then auto engineering could be for you.

Auto engineering is the kind of job that makes people stop talking at parties. It goes beyond mechanic, or tyre fitter, or panel beater, and tells people that you know everything there is to know in this world about engines. An auto engineer fits in at every biker meet, at every rally, and at every street race. It’s the ultimate ticket to take part in any motoring event, simply because you can fix, diagnose, and potentially rebuild, any engine in the room.

Sound like a dream job? If your heart lies in motoring and you have the smarts for it, then a job in auto engineering is within your grasp. Here’s more on the job description, potential opportunities, and qualifications you might need before they let you fine tune Formula 1 cars down in Silverstone.

What Does an Auto Engineer Do?

Automotive engineers are the people behind making engines work. They devise parts that improve on previous designs. They fine tune, make, distribute, and design parts for vehicles. They might create machine parts for boats, they might design sleeker car parts that save energy. Think of them as the architects of cars. They are the people who decide what parts need to go where in order for the vehicle to work properly. Without them, engines wouldn’t have advanced since the days of Henry T Ford.

There’s a good deal of computer aided design in modern automotive engineering. Ideal candidates are smart, thoughtful, and good at problem solving. There is nothing they don’t know about engines and parts. There is little they don’t know about bringing it all together and making it work.

What Qualifications Do I Need to be an Auto Engineer?

If you fancy a career in this riveting industry, you can’t just do it without any qualifications. You might start your career on the shop floor in a garage, but if you want to earn the big money you need to study up.

According to the UK government, relevant subjects that can lead to a career in car engineering include:

  • An HND, Degree, or Higher in any of the following
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Design engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Automotive engineering (preferred)

Where to Find Work in Auto Engineering?

Only once you have completed your qualifications can you start applying for positions within the automotive industry. Finding work is easier the more skills you have, so gather as many as you can. When you are ready to start looking for work in auto engineering, browse Hays Engineering Jobs to get an idea of what’s out there. Fill in applications and away you go.

How Much Do Car Engineers Get Paid?

If you work as an auto engineer, your starting salary in the UK is between £20,00 and £28,000. This will progress year on year as you accumulate experience. A senior automotive engineer should earn £60,000 per annum and far more if they work in London city centre.

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