How does Car Subscription Works? And who should Opt for it?

Many of us desire to go on long drives with loved ones, but what if you don’t own a car? Should you give up on your wishes? Don’t worry, consider the car subscription option instead. Car subscription services offer numerous benefits.

So, before delving deep into a car subscription service, you must first learn what it is and how car subscription works.

What is a Car Subscription?

A car subscription is a program that allows subscribers to have access to a car for a monthly fee. Unlike purchasing a car or leasing one, subscribers do not have to make a sizeable down payment, pay monthly EMIs, or worry about maintenance and insurance costs. Instead, they only need to pay a comprehensive monthly fee that covers all maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance costs.

Moreover, a car subscription service provides a hassle-free mobility solution, allowing users to drive their preferred car without buying it. For those with longer-term needs, a long-term rental car with or without a chauffeur can be selected. Alternatively, for a 12-month period, a short-term operating lease is also an option.

How does the Car Subscription works?

Want to know how a car lease works? Read the steps given below:

  • Firstly, you can browse a reputed car subscription company’s website, select your preferred car model, and reserve it online.
  • The company’s staff will contact you via phone to understand the user preferences and basic KYC details and provide guidance on other aspects, such as refundable money or security deposit. It’s worth noting that no CIBIL check is required.
  • After obtaining all the necessary information, the company will prepare your car within ten to fourteen days, ensuring thorough cleaning and complete sanitisation.
  • The subsequent step involves delivering the chosen car model to your doorstep.
  • On receiving the car, use it as you would with your vehicle, and the car subscription company takes care of routine service and insurance claims.
  • You can continue using the vehicle until the specified period expires, and then you must return the car whenever you want.

Advantages of Car Subscription

Here are the main benefits of a car leasing model:

  1. No EMI and Down Payment:

Choosing a car subscription does not require a down payment or a car loan. The only costs involved are the monthly or annual subscription fees.

  1. No Maintenance or Insurance Claims:

When choosing the car subscription option, the user does not have to pay for car maintenance or insurance claims. All of these will be handled by the service provider offering the subscription.

  1. Cost-saving:

You can save significant money by opting for a car subscription. You don’t have to make a huge down payment or pay the EMIs but only pay the charges for the time you’ll be using the car.

  1. Multiple options at the end of tenure

With a car subscription, as the tenure ends you can extend it further or cancel the plan, With Quiklyz you can also upgrade to another car of your choice easily.

What is the difference between Car Leasing and Car Subscription?

The automotive sector has been using different approaches like car leasing models or short-term car rentals to generate continuous rental or non-ownership revenue even before the advent of the current car subscription model. With a car subscription service, customers have frequent usage of a car. However, unlike a typical car lease, the automobile company or service provider takes on all the responsibilities of owning the vehicle, such as servicing, insurance, maintenance, and taxes.

Who Should Use a Car Subscription Service?

A car subscription service could be an excellent option for various people based on their requirements and lifestyle. People who aren’t willing to a long-term car ownership or lease finding it cost-effective to choose a subscription service. It is a flexible option that enables the user to utilise the vehicle for a short period. Moreover, a car subscription holder can enjoy driving different cars according to their preference or needs.

Car subscription services are more common in people who don’t want to commit to ownership but are looking for a hassle-free, cost-effective experience. Also, choosing this service can be a wise option if you want to try out a specific car model before buying one.


Today, most people are looking for a hassle-free option to use a car without leasing it or buying it outright. So, the concept of a car subscription service is gaining more popularity in this regard. Using this service, one can enjoy various benefits as mentioned above and also get to try out different car models without worrying about their cost, maintenance, insurance etc. All you need to do is pay the monthly subscription fee and enjoy the car as if it were your own. When you subscribe to a car on Quiklyz, you can easily get your hands on a fantastic car for subscription and switch to the latest models every few years. With Quiklyz you can enjoy all the benefits of car subscription.

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