How can you prove that you’re not at fault in a car accident?

Are you aware of the economic cost related to car accidents in the US? According to estimates, the costs can go up to $245 billion? Are you or your loved one involved in a car accident where you’re sure you were not at fault? If yes, you must be wondering how you should prove that you’re not at fault in a car accident. Keep reading as we will help you with some of the smartest tips for proving your innocence. 

Who is the faulty party?

After a car accident, the immediate steps is to determine which party is at fault depending on the way in which the cars are positioned. There are a few accidents where it is tougher to decide who is at fault. Even though you were unduly blamed for a car accident, it is never too late to prove your innocence in this case. 


In case your accident occured in an at-fault location and your insurer doesn’t accept your claim on the basis of your fault, you can allow the insurance company to know that you’re finding dispute in their claim. Did you receive a traffic violation during the accident? In case yes, you have to first fight against this violation ticket.

In case you dispute the police report, you can get in touch with an investigating officer and tell them about the other side of the story. The report can always get amended. Once they have a record of the fact that you have disagreed with the findings of the police, this could help you with the fight with the insurer. 


In case you live in a state where there is no-fault car insurance, no amount of fault will matter for the car accident cases. In this case, it means that the policyholder will get compensation for the losses. However the injuries of the claimant should meet a certain requirement to move outside the no-fault and have a liability claim against the other involved driver in the accident. 

Gather evidence and don’t accept fault

One of the smartest ways of proving your innocence is by proving that the other driver was responsible for the accident. Don’t accept your fault as this can have a bad impact on your case. Gather physical evidence and make sure you have enough photos from the accident scene to prove things to the police officers. 

For professional assistance, call a Stockton car accident attorney and use his skill and experience in building a solid PI case. 

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