How can I scrap my car for the most money?

If you are still driving a car that is around 20 yrs old and not sure what to do with it – selling it to a junk car company can be a good choice that you also get some money in your pocket. As a matter of fact, old cars are not highly sellable commodity and if you don’t scrap it is very much possible that it will be parked in your compound for years occupying valuable space and also causing possible health hazards to your family members.

There are many car scrapping companies who are known to offer good price on old cars depending upon their exact condition. But it will be a mistake on your part not to know about how you can sell your old car for best value and get a considerable amount of Cash for unwanted Cars Sydney.

Find the scrap value of your vehicle first

It actually depends upon the current condition of the car. You can always post ads or interact with different buyers to have an idea on how much the car may fetch you in terms of money. But there are also a number of underlying factors has can affect the price like

  • Age of the car
  • Its involvement in any accident and the damage it incurred
  • Exact state of the various parts of the vehicle – if they are in good shape and working condition, they can still fetch more price

Scrap more valuable parts differently

You can negotiate with your Car Removal Sydney service regarding this matter. A car is comprised of around 30000 large and small pats and many of them can be separately scrapped and sold for better prices. Some of the most valuable parts inside your car those can be sold separately are:

  • The battery: Though used batteries are not much valuable but they are easy to sell. Moreover, if not recycled they can be hazardous for the environment too. You can always sell it to your local battery dealer separately if your car scrapping company is not offering any value for it.
  • The GPS: Inbuilt car GPS systems worth around a few hundred dollars and can also be easily taken out of the vehicle. As most car scrapping companies are interested only in the metallic parts of your car, the GPS is of little significance to them and selling i separately or exchanging it for a new one is always a good idea for making more money.
  • The Catalytic Converter: The catalytic converter is used for lowering the pollution level of emission from the car and is an expensive piece of equipment. Though an old car is not so readily sellable but there is good market for second hand catalytic converters and you can expect good money if it is in good condition.

Apart from all the above mentioned things, in order to get maximum value for your scrapped car you should be dealing with reliable and authorized companies who have the reputation for giving good value for scrapped cars. Ask for quotation from different companies and negotiate to make the best deal for old car.

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