Honda Jazz: The perfect car for city living

Since its first upgrade in 2014, the Honda Jazz has been updated three times, making it a suitable foundation in the hatch class to cope with its rivals. Of course, Honda has made a number of important improvements, primarily to the interiors and exteriors. The Honda Jazz update, which was formally announced on 26-07-2017 was incorporated as part of Honda’s ongoing attempts to suit the demands and wishes of a marketplace that is rapidly expanding.

The Jazz has a modified frontal bumper, LED Daytime Car Lights, and new tires in its third generation. The redesigned Jazz features a seven-inch touchscreen headphone amp with Bluetooth technology on the inside. This Honda Jazz also comes with automated air con, cruise control, and speed-sensing door locks, all of which help to keep the driver and passengers comfortable.


The Honda Jazz is a five-door hatchback produced by Honda Motor Company, a Japanese automaker. The Honda Jazz made its debut in 2001. In Europe, sections of Australia, Oceania, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, the Honda Jazz is known. This car is known as the Honda Fit in Japanese, China, and the United States. The Honda Jazz was sold in 2 million copies globally till 2007. This car has gone through three versions thus far. The Honda Jazz debuted in Philippines in 2014, and it has seen some upgrades since then.


In the Philippines, the car is a 5-seater hatchback with a price bracket of 918,000 to 1.09 million pesos. In the Philippines, it comes in five colours, three versions, one engine, and one gearbox option: CVT.

Interior This hatchback comes with a number of appealing improvements, particularly in the external area, on both the RS and S models. The new improvements are plainly noticeable on either side of the external surface, with a car bumper design for the Honda type. The front bumper on the latest Honda Jazz is also created fresher by holding the Trapezoidal-Shaped Intake concept, which is also fitted with fog lamps that are ready to collude with a DRL LED headlight that is designed to narrow sharply.


Except for the highest RS edition, which has Headlamps with LED guide lines, the Jazz is primarily fitted with projector halogens. The LED stop light also adds to the grandeur and charm that this car exudes from the outside or from the specifications.

Feature of Safety

The car has to be capable of meeting three requirements, including safety, comfort, and security, as a medium hatch vehicle with global standards. Starting with the safety features, the Honda Jazz appears to have a rather comprehensive set. Starting with a solid frame structure thanks to G-CON + ACE, there are a number of global standard safety features like Pedestrian Protection, Side Impact Beam, Dual SRS Frontal Airbags, Seatbelt Adjuster, and Seatbelt 3P ELR with Pretensioner and Load Limiter.

Feature of Comfort

The Honda Jazz compensates for its lack of elegance in the cabin by making good use of space. The benches rear chairs are a tad firm, but they’re still rather comfy. Meanwhile, the inclusion of the Stereo Singe Din multimedia feature, which is featured on the Honda Jazz type A, adds to the convenience features. The Honda Jazz is also fitted with a MID Lcd Screen and Auto Locking System by Speed on all models. Meanwhile, all varieties of Modern Jazz are accompanied by the double blower AC for comfort.

Fuel consumption

As one would expect from a Honda, is excellent, with a figure of 6.7 litres per 100 kilometres in a route that includes both stop-and-go traffic and motorway cruising.


One of the Jazz’s biggest features is its changeable seating layout, which lets you to make the most of the inside cabin space. Honda is well-known for incorporating Japan’s renowned space-saving technology into the Jazz, resulting in class-leading interior capacity. Between such a tall person’s legs and front passenger seat, 4 tennis balls can easily fit. The Honda Jazz’s cabin has also been designed to make it safe for children.


Honda has a notion that deepens and intensifies its sporty and powerful atmosphere in this edition of the 3rd generation update. It’s only that the cabin, while getting a revamp, isn’t overly so.   Honda simply adds a few minor enhancements, such as substituting the AC panel with a digital panel that includes the Technology Enhanced Auto feature. Similarly, the current Honda Jazz’s head unit now has an 8-inch touch screen with additional capabilities.

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