Hit The Dirt In Style With Luxury Off-Road Caravans

Australia has long been known as ‘The Lucky Country’. Author Donald Horne penned a book by that name in 1964 – and it stuck. Travel across Australia and you will soon realize that the name is entirely appropriate, especially when it comes to the natural wonders that are so common across the land Down Under.  

Amazing Scenery

Australia seems to have it all when it comes to the bounties of Mother nature. It has untamed coastlines and magnificent beaches that only receive visitors once in a Blue Moon, it has Monsoon-fed rainforests and the unique flora and fauna of the desolate and striking Outback. It welcomes tourists to world-class resorts and bed and breakfast establishments – and for domestic travellers to some incredible camping and caravaning sites.

The Search for Serenity 

However, what about those who are seeking some quiet and isolation to enjoy scenic wonders that are off the beaten track, sometimes literally? Many of the most impressive sights in Australia can only be accessed by going off-road. For these people, the choice of an off-road caravan is a natural one.

A New Generation of Off-Road Caravans

However, for decades the off-road caravan was a bit of a bare-bones affair, sacrificing comfort for ruggedness. Thankfully that is no longer the case. Manufacturers like Retreat Caravans have spent years perfecting the art of balance. A balance between tough-as-nails off-road capability and superior luxury. Now those who leave the tarmac can enjoy all the comforts of home (and then some) while confidently navigating some of Australia’s more challenging off-road conditions.


But it’s not only ruggedness that sets the products from Retreat caravans apart, that much-admired Australian inventiveness has also seen the company launch the ERV – the world’s first all-electric off-road caravan. Completely solar-powered this off-roader has all the modern appliances and conveniences that one would possibly need during that off-road adventure. Years of research into the innovative battery and inverter technology and a range of world-class appliances mean that those who want to treat Mother Nature with Kid Gloves can explore with a clear conscience – and avoid the dreaded Outback experience of finding a supplier to refill gas cylinders.

However, Retreat Caravans has not lost sight of the fact that an off-road caravan needs to be built tough in order to cope with the worse that those dirt tracks can throw at it. Other models in the Retreat lineup include the tough-as-nails Fraser, the Whitsunday, and the Daydream – a perfect combination between luxury and off-road capability.

Luxury Adventure

And these are caravans that do not ignore the fact that travellers want to best things in life. Microwaves, top-class audio equipment, luxury mattresses, washing machines, mini grills, roof-mounted floodlights, top-quality finishes in kitchens and wash stations, double-glazed windows, plenty of electrical outlets, and USB options and skylights (to mention only a few highlights).

If you are in search of adventure, visit the Retreat caravans virtual showroom to see what off-road caravaning looks like when you deal with a family-owned company that has been providing innovation, luxury, and toughness to Australians for 15 years.

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