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Here’s Why CarZilo is the Best Way to Sell a Car

What do you think of when you hear the term used cars? For some, the image of a shady salesman trying to dump defective cars on unsuspecting victims comes to mind. At CarZilo, this practice is ancient history when it comes to buying and selling quality pre-owned automobiles. Similarly gone are the days of placing an ad in a newspaper or auto trading periodical. While infinitely less maligned than the used car salesman, classified ads in print were hardly stress-free and oftentimes yielded no results.

For the last twenty years or so, most used car sales have moved online. The next time you think, “it might be time to sell my used car,” your first step should be to grab your laptop or smartphone. The online space has lent itself well to facilitating all kinds of major life transactions like buying or selling a car. In the time that e-commerce has changed how we sell cars, the deals have become much more efficient. In fact, there’s now even an old way and a new way to sell your cars online. The basic difference involves placing a passive ad online or working with  a car buying service like CarZilo.

The classic way of selling a car online requires a lot of work. It’s fairly similar to managing a newspaper ad. This method requires you, the seller, to take on most of the work yourself. First you need to find the right place to take out an ad. Then, you have to figure out the value of your car. This can be a bit of a headache, especially if you have no idea what it might be worth. The Kelley Blue Book is helpful but, ultimately, it’s your call what you want to ask for your car.

After that, you will need to fix any problems your car may have, make sure it’s tidy and then take plenty of quality pictures. Now you can put up an ad. And once that’s up, you’ll have to respond to emails and phone calls, some of which will be a waste of time. Some of the people contacting you will try to low-ball you. Some might even flake on their appointment to see the car. Do you need any of that in your life?

Make it easy on yourself. Contact CarZilo. This is the best way to sell a car in the current online car sales climate. When you say, “I want to sell my used car,” the onus these days should be on the buyer and not the seller. We understand that, so we offer minimal hassle in how we do business. We can take care of the whole transaction over the internet. Simply submit your car’s information and we’ll get you a fair price for your high-quality used car.

Once you’ve received and accepted our quote, we’ll send an agent to come collect your vehicle. You don’t even have to leave your house! They will have your payment with them, and all you will have to do is fill out some paperwork. Then they’ll take your car, and file all the required DMV forms, too. It is that simple. That’s why selling your car to a retailer like CarZilo is the best way to sell a car online.

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