Everything You Need to Know About the Hyundai Kona

The Kona is a crossover SUV that is said to compete with the Nissan Juke. It is also expected that by 2021, it will be one of the finest Asian brands on the European continent’s automobile industry.  Kona is also introduced to revitalize the B category SUV market, where this type is an SUV. The Kona is the fourth generation of Hyundai’s SUVs, following the Santa Fe, Grand Santa Fe, and Tucson. The Hyundai will provide the Kona SUV an attractive and dynamic design that will reflect the living styles of current prospective customers, as well as exceptional specs and innovative amenities that should not be overlooked.


The Kona is a subcompact luxury Car (category B) manufactured by Hyundai in South Korea. Kona made its debut in June 2017, with a production version following later that year. In Hyundai’s crossover SUV lineup, it sits between the Venues or Bayon and the Tucson. Kona EV is an electric version of the Kona that was initially introduced in South Korea over the first months of 2018 and has since been steadily pushed out around the world. Kona is called after the western section of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The name “represents the lifestyles of modern customers,” according to the corporation, and is in accordance with the “advanced design” it employs. The Kona follows in the footsteps of previous Hyundai crossover SUV models such as the Creta, Santa Fe, Tucson, and Veracruz, which were all named after notable tourist locations. The Kona had its worldwide debut in 2017 and arrived in the Philippine automobile market a year later.

Price in the year 2022

The Hyundai Kona begins at P1,188,000.00 in the Philippines.


The remastered Kona is unmistakably Hyundai. Whether you like the styling or not is a personal preference. Hyundai’s stylish car appears to have a one-of-a-kind and appealing look. The reason for this is that it appears to have been designed with a new and exquisite design concept from every angle, further enhancing its reputation as a future Small SUV. In reality, the Hyundai Kona’s Hexagonal grille, which is built in a greater frame with the Hyundai emblem in the middle, reinforces the vehicle’s image as an exquisite and sporty luxury SUV.


The Hyundai Kona’s interior may be made to appear more modern thanks to the Kone Electric’s Heads-Up Display system.  Kona interior provides a clear image and good illumination even for those spending longer time in the car every day, thanks to the 8 projections on the inside of the Kona. Additionally, a heads-up displays system gives exceptional sight both during the day and at night. As a result, it gives you a sense of safety and relaxation when driving. A shift-by-wire mechanism is also used in the Hyundai Kona Electric. Mechanical operations can be eliminated by the system. And make shifting gears easy for you with the click of button and the brake pedal. It’s all done with the push of a button.

Features that ensure safety

The Hyundai Kona boasts a number of safety features, including Lane Change Aid, Lane Follow Help, Look – ahead Collision Prevention, and Safe Exit Assist. Hyundai has also included airbags in its Small SUV to safeguard passengers in the case of an accident.

Features that provide comfort

The Hyundai Kona also has an unusual function called Quiet Mode. This function is designed to make sleeping passengers in the back row more comfortable. In summary, when the Silent Mode feature is turned on, the voice of audio equipment coming from the back speakers is muffled, while the intensity on the front loudspeakers is automatically reduced to prevent people resting in the back of the car from being disturbed. But at the other hand, this Hyundai car comes with three driving modes that can be altered according to your needs: standard,

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