Colorado’s Thrilling Automotive Scene: The Most Popular Car Shows, Events, Races, and Off-Roading Adventures

Colorado’s stunning landscapes and diverse terrain make it an ideal playground for automotive enthusiasts. From adrenaline-pumping races to awe-inspiring car shows and rugged off-roading trails, the Centennial State offers something for every petrolhead. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular car shows, events, races, and off-roading adventures that make Colorado a haven for automotive aficionados.

Car Shows

  1. Denver Auto Show:

The Denver Auto Show is a yearly extravaganza that showcases the latest and greatest in the automotive industry. Car enthusiasts from across Colorado gather to get a firsthand look at the newest car models, cutting-edge technology, and concept cars. It’s the perfect place to experience the future of automobiles.

  1. Colorado Concours d’Elegance & Exotic Sports Car Show:

For lovers of classic and exotic cars, the Colorado Concours d’Elegance is a must-visit event. Held annually in Littleton, this show features a stunning array of vintage automobiles, rare collectibles, and high-end exotics. The event also raises funds for charity, making it a win-win for everyone involved.  If you are the owner of a classic car, load up your trailer and come on out the event.

  1. Grease & Glamour Car Show:

If you’re into vintage cars and nostalgia, the Grease & Glamour Car Show in Colorado Springs is the place to be. This retro-themed event takes attendees back to the golden age of automobiles with classic cars, live music, and a nostalgic atmosphere that’s hard to beat.

Top Events

  1. Pikes Peak International Hill Climb:

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is one of Colorado’s most iconic automotive events. This annual race takes place on the treacherous Pikes Peak Highway, challenging drivers to navigate 156 turns and climb nearly 5,000 feet in elevation. It’s a true test of skill and nerve, drawing competitors and spectators from all over the world.

  1. Hot Rod Power Tour:

The Hot Rod Power Tour is a rolling car show and festival that travels across the United States, and it often makes a stop in Colorado. This event celebrates American muscle cars, hot rods, and custom vehicles. Enthusiasts join the tour for a week of cruising, camaraderie, and automotive fun.

  1. Colorado Grand:

For those who appreciate vintage cars and a scenic drive, the Colorado Grand is a dream event. This charity tour takes participants through Colorado’s breathtaking mountain roads in classic cars, raising funds for local charities along the way. It’s a unique blend of philanthropy, automotive history, and natural beauty.


  1. Bandimere Speedway:

Located just outside Denver, Bandimere Speedway is a hotspot for drag racing in Colorado. It hosts a variety of events, including the NHRA Mile-High Nationals, attracting top-notch racers and fans alike. The venue’s picturesque location against the Rocky Mountains makes it an unforgettable race day experience.

  1. Colorado National Speedway:

Colorado National Speedway, located in Dacono, is a hub for stock car racing in the state. It features a 3/8-mile paved oval track where fans can witness thrilling NASCAR-sanctioned events and local races. The speedway offers an exciting atmosphere for racing enthusiasts.

  1. High Plains Raceway:

High Plains Raceway, situated east of Denver, is a favorite destination for road racing aficionados. This 2.55-mile road course hosts a range of events, from club races to professional competitions. The challenging track and open paddock access make it a fantastic place for fans to get up close to the action.

Off-Roading Adventures

  1. Ouray Jeep Jamboree:

Ouray, Colorado, is known as the “Jeep Capital of the World,” and the Jeep Jamboree is a testament to that reputation. This off-roading event allows Jeep owners to explore the rugged terrain of the San Juan Mountains in a guided, organized fashion. It’s an incredible opportunity to test your off-road skills while taking in breathtaking views.

  1. Holy Cross City Trail:

For hardcore off-roaders seeking a challenge, the Holy Cross City Trail near Vail offers an adrenaline-pumping adventure. This difficult 4×4 trail leads you through rocky terrain, water crossings, and steep inclines, ultimately rewarding you with stunning alpine scenery.

  1. Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route (COBDR):

The COBDR is a long-distance adventure for motorcyclists and off-road enthusiasts. Stretching over 650 miles from the Four Corners region to Wyoming, this route takes you through some of Colorado’s most remote and stunning landscapes. It’s a bucket-list adventure for those who crave off-roading and wilderness exploration.


Colorado’s automotive scene is a vibrant tapestry of car shows, events, races, and off-roading adventures that cater to a wide range of enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fan of classic cars, high-speed races, or rugged off-roading, the Centennial State has something exceptional to offer. So, gear up, hit the road, and experience the thrill of Colorado’s automotive world – where the journey is just as exciting as the destination. You may want to check out other car shows throughout the United States.

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