Cheap Auto Insurance in Louisiana

Finding ways to get $20 down payment car insurance today seems to be getting more and more difficult. If you haven’t paid much attention to your car insurance in recent years, you may be surprised at how much you are overpaying.  A great rate can be yours and you can cut your auto insurance premiums by several hundred dollars if you take another look at your coverage, seek out cheap car insurance with no deposit and shop around for the best rates available.

What Are the Minimum State Requirements?

Like other states, Louisiana requires all vehicles registered in the state to maintain a minimum level of auto insurance. This is a minimal amount, and it is generally recommended that you increase these limits. However, if you have a really cheap vehicle and are looking to really cut back costs and take some risk onto your own shoulders, all that is required for Louisiana auto insurance is:

Bodily Injury Liability per person: $15,000

Bodily Injury Liability total per accident: $30,000

Property Damage Liability total per accident: $25,000

Compare Cheap Average Rates Across Louisiana

Louisiana is a more expensive state to purchase car insurance than most. Part of this reason is the potential for damaging storms and flooding due to being along the Gulf Coast. The statewide average for a yearly policy, as of January 2022 is $ 2,724 for a full car insurance coverage. Compare this with the national average of $1,446 and you can see that you will have a bit of a struggle to get really cheap auto insurance.

Rates vary not just from state to state, but from town to town and city to city. Here are the average rates for a few of the most notable Louisiana cities and towns.

  • Alexandria: $2,289
  • Baton Rouge: $2,148
  • Bossier City: $1,928
  • Lafayette: $2,070
  • Lake Charles: $2,017
  • Monroe: $2,030
  • New Orleans: $2,262
  • Shreveport: $1,900

Discounts Are Offered for Good Behaviors

Armed with some background information to get you started, now it is time to learn, specifically, where you can save on your Louisiana car insurance. You can begin by looking at yourself for possible discounts. You may not realize it, but you may hold within you a wealth of auto insurance discounts. Your job is a good place to start. Some insurance companies give discounts to military personnel and government workers. Some give discounts to farmers. Firefighters, teachers, and scientists may all qualify for discounts from some insurers. Of course, your driving record can be the source of the biggest discounts, but you can also save if you have a good credit score.

Consider Driving a Boring Car

There are discounts for the driver, so it makes sense that there are discounts for what is being driven. The right vehicle can make saving on coverage much easier. No money down car insurance come to those vehicles that make them less likely to be involved in an accident and are less likely to be vandalized, stolen, or otherwise damaged. This means safety and security are priority number one. You want a vehicle that offers numerous safety features, has a high overall safety rating, comes with security features, has a smaller engine, and is low mileage. Lots of insurance companies are also now offering car insurance with no deposit for vehicles that put less strain on the environment. This can be a hybrid vehicle or also a car that meets certain gas mileage criteria.

Choose the Right Company

There are also discounts available, significant ones, for the way you organize your entire insurance portfolio and the amount of business you give one insurance company. What does this mean? Well, auto insurance companies are insurance companies first. They generally offer a wide variety of insurance policies. If you get your home, auto, boat, life, and/or umbrella policy all with the same company, they give you a pretty large discount. If you make sure to put all household vehicles on one policy, you can get a nice discount. Loyalty is rewarded in several ways. Rodney de young insurance may give you a discount for each year you stay with them, and some may offer cashback or a reduced deductible for each period you stay with them without a claim.

Multiple Auto Insurance Quotes Help You Compare Rates Quickly

You should never make a final decision on your car insurance until you get multiple auto insurance quotes. Quotes, especially if you get them online, are a quick way to compare rates and find the cheapest deal out there. Be sure to provide accurate information when filling out the rate quote form and you can get accurate quotes to compare and find cheap car insurance with no down payment in Louisiana and do so for free.

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