Can I File a Claim If My Child Was Injured in School Bus Accident?

Studies show that school buses are the safest mode of transportation for school children, even better than cars. But unfortunate situations may arise and result in a bus accident. If your young one has been involved in a school bus accident, it is crucial to completely understand that you have legal options to take advantage of from an experienced bus accident lawyer.  This is important to ensure that the negligent party is held liable and you receive fair compensation for all the injuries incurred.

Liability in School Bus Accidents

School buses are generally safe due to their tall seatbacks, closely spaced seats, mandatory safety harnesses and their overall size. However, factors such as negligence, reckless driving, failure to conduct proper maintenance of the buses may lead to dangerous situations thereby contributing to an accident. If your little one was injured in a school bus accident, you can file a claim against the party responsible for the accident.

Some of the parties that can be held liable for a school bus accident are:

Bus Driver: Most school bus accidents are due to driver’s error such as impaired driving, speeding, negligence, fatigue, or failure to follow traffic rules among others.

Driver’s Employer: The driver’s employer may also be held liable in certain cases if they have failed to fulfill their responsibility of conducting due diligence.

Bus Company or 3rd Party: All the school buses need to be regularly inspected and maintained for safe operation. If the bus manufacturer has provided a faulty part of the school bus company has failed to complete their duties that have contributed to an accident then such third party may be held liable for the accident.

School District: The school district owns and manages the school buses and may be held liable for a bus accident in certain cases.

Other Motorist: If the other motorist’s fault has resulted in a school bus crash, they can also be held responsible for the accident.

Filing Your School Bus Accident Claim

The time limit within which you are required to file your accident claim is governed by the statute of limitations and depends on the state in which the accident took place. If you are filing a claim against the school district for your child’s school bus accident, it is critical to note that the process can be a little different as the school district is a part of the public education system and qualify as a government entity. In these cases, you may have less than 60 days from the date of the crash to submit a Notice of Claim. If a private school bus or its employee was responsible for the accident you will have a little more time to file your claim.

Hiring A Good Bus Accident Lawyer

Regardless of whether a public entity or a private school is responsible for your child’s school bus accident, it is recommended to hire a bus accident lawyer. A knowledgeable and reputed attorney will review your case, help you identify the at-fault party, and inform you about your legal options. Moreover, an experienced lawyer will negotiate settlements on your behalf and work tirelessly to ensure you receive the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

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