A New Company Making Waves In the Car Insurance Claims World

I’d say it’s fairly common knowledge that insurance companies have their industry under an inaccessible lock and key. The car insurance world is a lucrative world and because of that it’s a difficult market to break into. The major players hold so much power that they control the markets, and what we consider normal. They have done so for years!

To give you an example, in countries outside the UK, a car insurance policy covers the car, and not the person. It means anybody can drive a car if it’s insured. Why does it matter? Well it means they can’t load up your premiums for being a young man, or for wanting multiple people to drive the same car. To the UK car insurance companies, it’s pure money making.

A Bold New Company

Being a market disrupter in this space, doesn’t come without a fight. A bold new company called CarCrashProfit is breaking into the car insurance claims world with their car insurance write off calculator UK. Their mission is to help customers get more money from insurance claims by unlocking the hidden value in written-off cars.

The company are empowering policy holders with information and tools otherwise inaccessible to the general policy holder. By entering your vehicle details into their car insurance write off calculator, they provide you with an accurate estimate for your insurance payout, to make sure you aren’t being short changed. As well as a payout booster estimate; which is how much extra you could make by using their service.

The obvious question you’ll be asking is; what is their payout booster service and what’s the catch? Nobody get’s free money for nothing right? Read-on, you might be surprised! CarCrashProfit will help you to utilise a little known legal clause in your policy, that gives you the “right-to-retain” or “buy-back” your vehicle from your insurer, if it’s being written off. CarCrashProfit will pay you up to £2000 over the buy-back price set by your insurer to take your vehicle. The best part is there’s no fees, they pay instantly, and they arrange the collection of your vehicle, so you never have a broken car dumped on your driveway!

For the time being CarCrashProfit are slipping under the big insurance radar, but as they emerge, they are beginning to challenge the foundations of the insurance world. Putting money back in the pocket of the consumer. Car insurance companies often have lucrative agreements with salvage auction houses who take all the write off cars and sell them on for profit. CarCrashProfit put that profit back in your pocket.

If you find yourself in a car accident, make sure you check out CarCrashProfit with their car insurance write off calculator. They’ll arm you with everything you need to extract the most from your claim. Bring the power back to the people!

For more information on how their car write-off valuation tool works, read this article. Most importantly, drive safely!

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