5 Reasons To Own a Generator

With powerful storms becoming more prevalent in multiple areas of the United States, homeowners may be considering the purchase of emergency generators to keep power going for necessities. This may be a wise investment if your local area tends to be without power in the aftermath of severe storms. Keep reading for a few reasons owning a generator may benefit you.

1. Your Basement Tends to Flood

If you have a basement prone to flooding and have installed a sump pump to remove floodwater, you may want to purchase a generator. The generator, normally powered by diesel engines, can be used to keep your sump pump working to minimize flood damage to your basement.

2. You Have Small Children

Little mouths to feed require constantly stocked refrigerators, especially while they still drink large quantities of milk. You can keep milk and other perishables fresh in power outages by plugging the fridge into a generator. This will keep your children’s bellies full and leave you with one less worry if disaster strikes.

3. You Use Well Water

For those homeowners using well water, having a generator could be absolutely vital. Well water uses an electric pump to transport water from a well into people’s homes. Without electricity, those homes would be left with no running water. Seriously consider purchasing a generator if you use well water in your home.

4. You Have Special Medical Needs

If you or someone living in your household have medical needs that require the use of electrically powered equipment, owning a generator is absolutely essential. Examples of such medical equipment could include oxygen tanks and heart monitors. You will still need to power or charge this equipment if your electricity is out, so planning in advance of disasters is crucial.

5. You Work From Home

When you work from home on a regular basis, you will likely be expected to work even in the aftermath of serious storms. If your home loses power on a regular basis due to wind or rain, it may be worthwhile for you to purchase a generator that will allow you to continue working if your home loses power.

Although generators can be expensive, the benefits can often outweigh the cost. This is especially true if you or someone who lives with you has special medical needs. It is additionally useful if your basement tends to flood, you have small children, you use well water or you work from home.

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